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During Production Inspection
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During Production InspectionToo many non-compliance products have been produced when you find
    the quality problems?

During Production InspectionDisturbed by the late delivery because of quality problems?


During Production InspectionLosing confidence in your products being produced?

Production Monitoring
Production Monitoring
Production Monitoring
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Production Monitoring

Production Mornitoring / During Production Inspection (DPI) / In-Production Inspection

Production Monitoring (During Production Inspection) happens when the order has been finished by at least 20%.


CIS's experienced engineers will go to the factory to perform the production monitoring (In-production Inspection / During Production inspection) during the manufacturing process. They find out the issues and report them to the factory and clients immediately to ensure a smoothly running production. An production monitoring ( In-Production Inspection, During Production Inspection) report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


To obtain a proper representation of your order, CIS uses MIT-STD-105 sampling techniques (or other sampling technique required by you).


Items checked when running During Production Inspection, production monitoring :

in-production inspectionVerify the production plan
in-production inspectionInspect the packing way and related labels
in-production inspectionInspect the storage way of your products

in-production inspectionInspect the workmanship appearance

in-production inspectionCheck function, size and measurement

in-production inspectionPerform the reliability and safety tests

in-production inspectionOther specified requirements from you


Your benefits of using our During Production Inspection service:

in-production inspectionSolve the quality problems during manufacturing process to prevent further issues or defects.

in-production inspectionReduction of late delivery risk.

in-production inspectionNo need to for you to be on-the-spot. Save your time, save your money!


Production Monitoring Sample Report:


Production Monitoring During Prodution Inspection

Production Monitoring

Dear Aaron,
Now everything perfect. Thanks indeed for your services you have a good product at very competitive pricing.
I will consider giving future pre-shipment inspections to your company.


Best Regards.


Francisco Guerra
Smart Market Development

Production Monitoring