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Project Management (PM)

CIS provides professional project management services to assure your projects completed on schedule, within budget, and avoiding costly overruns to save you both time and money.


Our project managers are the PMP holders and with many years of project management experience in renowned international companies.



China Inspection Service Ltd-QuestionsSome FAQs about our Project Management (PM) services

How do we ensure that your factory understands and adheres to the specifications?

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoCIS defines the project scope and detailed specifications clearly with Our Clientss together. The specifications not only include the obvious expectations from Our Clientss but also include the potential expectations from Our Clientss which are dug out with CIS's help.
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoRelease those specifications to factory and explain them to make the point by point confirmation with factory.
   CIS's experienced project managers will visit the factory and work together with them
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSet up the project milestones for the whole project timeline. Set the related engineering sample approval
for each milestone. Set up the clear testing and quality control process in each

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logomilestone stage.
   Set the clear process of action plan in each milestone stage…

How do we ensure that your factory understands and adheres to the specifications?

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoClose communications with Our Clientss to define the detailed requirements to the project such as product
   appearance, function, reliability, specified requirement, some obscure expectations and form all of them into product

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoDefine all the potential risks in the project development and set the action plan.

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoDefine the project meeting plan (reporting the project status periodically, communicating the engineering changes
   from clients…), reporting system, clear acceptable deliverables in each milestone stage…

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoBreak down all the tasks & needed sources (such as quality control plan, flow chart of production, traceability,
  BOM,inventory check and etc.); Set the timeline and the check-in time for each milestone.

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSet the engineering sample approval process

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoVisit the factory to monitor the operations, provide technical support, and preside over the periodic project
   meetings infactory…

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoPerform the project management, reporting the project status with clients as per the agreed meeting plans,
   and review the cost in each milestone stage.

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSubmit the deliverables to clients in each milestone stage


How do we report to Our Clientss for the project status?

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSet the project meeting plans with client (once/week is the general way. If necessary, daily communication is one
   of the solutions).

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSubmit the project report periodically (once/week is the general way. And if there's any big moving forward or
   delay, the report will be sent out accordingly)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSend engineering samples to clients if necessary


How do we report to Our Clientss for the project status?

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoThe milestones and according deliverables are set up for the whole project. Together with the milestones, we set the
   engineering sample approval process in each stage.

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoRelated engineering samples are viewed together with Our Clientss. CIS collects the comments to form into
   PRODUCT  EVALUATION REPORT and related action plan is made.

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSend out the deliverables in each milestone as agreed at the start of the project.


What do we include in our final report?

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoThe problems and actions in each stage of engineering sample evaluation

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoFinal cost to the whole project

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoList of approved parts in each stage and its status (management to the signed samples)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoList of submitting and approved samples

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoShipment inspection files

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoQuality control plan


China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoProject summary including the success factors, failure factors, risks and its final solution way.


Dear Aaron, Now everything perfect. Thanks indeed for your services you have a good product at very competitive pricing.
I will consider giving future pre-shipment inspections to your company.


Best Regards.


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