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How to get started with China Inspection Servie Limited?
3 steps! Only 3 steps needed to go through the whole process:
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logo Book services and make the payment: Book the needed services from CIS(Click Order Now to book services) and make the payment before 3 business days of the inspection.
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logo Start the services: CIS sends out engineers to factory to perform inspections
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logo Issue the reports: Report will be sent to clients within 24 hours
Container Loading Supervsion is the service to make sure the right products with right quantity, right quality are shipped out. Before container loading, the status of the container will be checked to make sure there's no any breaks causing the water leaks. The packing status of the products are also checked. Shipping marks are checked to make sure the right shipping marks used. Container Loading Supervision is also called as Container Loading Inspection, Container Loading Check
SA8000 Audit is also called as Social Accoutability Audit, COC audit, which is to verify if a supplier keeps the local labor law and if that factory is a blood-sweat factory type. Via this audit, the buyers will know if the company they are cooperating with complying with the social accountability. Now more and more purchasers are focusing on the social compliance audits
When a shipment is completely finished for the production and are well packed, then a Pre-shipment inspection will be able to be performed. PSI is also called as product inspection. During the final random inspection, the key point is: the whole shipment must be at the shipping status, and the inspector needs to randomly draw the samples for the product inspection.
To strictly control the deverliy schedule, a good quality process control is critical. So, It will be helpful to run the During Production Inspections. In geneal, this kind of production monitoring can help the quality issues detected out at the early production stage. Thus it will decrease the risk of influencing the delivery date when problems found just before shipping, a rework will be needed under this situation.
Most of the suppliers promise they are real producers. But in fact, no. They are just small trading companies with 1 ore 2 persons at the office. Once receiving the advanced payment, they will disappear. Cheated! The similar story, CIS has heard again and again. So, our factory audit service from us will definitely pull you out from this kind of possible cheated stories. Is it expensive? No, pretty cheap. Just $258.00 factory audit fee will help you know if this supplier is a factory or a trading company and, if this supplier is reliable to do business with or not. A supplier evaluaion or supplier audit request to the supplier you are contacting will make them be more serious to talk business with you and scare those cheaters out from your discussion loops. Very helpful, correct? Do you want to see more? Click here for a supplier evaluation

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Now everything perfect. Thanks indeed for your services you have a good product at very competitive pricing.
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