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China_Inspection_Services_bannerico_logoThe discrepancy of your products found after they are already produced?


China_Inspection_Services_bannerico_logoQuality problems from manufacturing process cause the late delivery?


China_Inspection_Services_bannerico_logoYour supplierscan't fully understandyour quality requirements?

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Quality Engineering Support

Come for CIS! With the qualified quality engineers and their at least 8+ years quality engineering experience in international companies, we can tailor our services to meet with your requirements by:


China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoEstablishing the quality standard for your order to let your suppliers fully understand your expectations (both the obvious
   ones and the potential ones)
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSmoothen your communications with your suppliers
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoControlling the preparation of raw material and all kinds of accessories

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoStudy the manufacturing processes to set up the process control system

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoDesign the experiments to find out the best manufacturing parameters

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoDesign related tests to detect and solve the potential quality problems

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoFailure analysis and working out the action plan

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoMonitor the production situation and find out the actions for discrepancy.

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoOther requirements specified by you.



Dear Aaron, Now everything perfect. Thanks indeed for your services you have a good product at very competitive pricing.
I will consider giving future pre-shipment inspections to your company.


Best Regards.


Francisco Guerra
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