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The table below indicates CIS's standard, all-inclusive prices for quality control and audit services in China.


All below quotation is based on payment via PAYPAL, which is the faster and cheaper payment way for small amount transactions.


Category Price per man-day(US$/man-day) Remark
Quality Control Services 258.00 + US$ 20 / extra-report
Factory Audit 258.00  
Factory Quality System Audit 498.00 2 Man-Days are needed if the
workers more than 500
COC Audit 498.00 2 Man-Days are needed if the
workers more than 500
Laboratory Testing Please contact us for specific prices


All-inclusive price includes:

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoServices fee China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoTraveling cost

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoAccommodation fee


Payment Terms

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoFull pay at least 3 days before the inspection date
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoAccept the payment by PAYPAL , please pay to:
China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoAccept the payment by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T): All banking charges outside China are for your account.
   Please mention this to your bank when you arrange the payment. Bank information will be indicated in CIS invoice.


Dear Aaron, Now everything perfect. Thanks indeed for your services you have a good product at very competitive pricing.
I will consider giving future pre-shipment inspections to your company.


Best Regards.


Francisco Guerra
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