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CIS Quality Inspection

CIS Quality InspectionQuality inspection is an essential function in our quality process, ensuring counterfeit detection and preventive processes are in place – so you can trust that product received from CIS has passed a rigorous inspection process – assuring you of product quality and consistency.With over 80 QC inspectors distributed in 30+ major cities in China, you will receiv a quick and cost effective quality inspection service from us. All of our china inspectors are with college education background and with at least 5 plus years of quality inspection experience.


Some of our clients believe that the quality prevention is better than a quality inspection before shipping. That is a really a good idea. One of our quality inspection solution is: Production Monitoring, also called as during production inspection. It happens when prodduction just starts. CIS engineers will go to the factor to monitor the production. No matter a during production inspeciton or a pre shipment inspection, Our China QC all will go through 3 levels.


Each level of inspection follows an escalation tracking of action, beginning with our meticulous incoming inspection process:


Quality Inspection-Level 1: Visual Inspection

Visual Quality inspection and authenticity verification is executed on all incoming components by CIS inspectors. Visual inspection evaluation includes:

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoProducer P/N, quantity, and day code verification

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoBody marking inspection (faded marking, broken text, double print, ink stamps, etc.)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoPhysical conditions inspection (lead bend, scratches, chipped edges, etc.)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoTaping condition inspection (dented packet, missing parts, etc.)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoVerify moisture barrier protection verification (vacuum sealed, humidity indicator with specification)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoOriginal factory sealed components vs. non-factory seal

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoAny visual irregularities


Quality Inspection-Level 2: Engineering Review

Materials identified as questionable during the visual inspection process are reevaluated by CIS staff engineers. Product sampling plans are also employed to ensure product consistency. Engineering review includes:

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoQuality inspection Review of level 1 findings

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoCounterfeit databases referenced and updated

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoLabel verification (bar code/number and label review)

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoManufacturer logo and date log verification

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoERAI counterfeit alert program


Quality Inspection-Level 3: Testing

Product testing is completed to ensure that any questionable materials meet manufacturers' specifications. Product samples are also periodically tested to ensure product consistency and testing. Testing includes:


China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoDecapsulation test

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSolderability test

China_Inspection_Services_jt3_logoSurface contamination analysis


Dear Aaron, Now everything perfect. Thanks indeed for your services you have a good product at very competitive pricing.
I will consider giving future pre-shipment inspections to your company.


Best Regards.


Francisco Guerra
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